The SEDISOL centre

SEDISOL is an innovative dredged sediment treatment and recycling centre on a number of scores:

  • It offers a perfect combination of various treatment and dewatering technologies that are particularly suited to the intrinsic characteristics of sediments, namely:
    • screening,
    • dewatering by filter presses,
    • heavy metal stabilisation by phosphation, and
    • bioremediation.
  • The centre has a dewatering and phosphation capacity (for the chemical stabilisation of heavy metals) of more than 300,000 metric tonnes a year! This unique capacity in Europe makes SEDISOL a leader in the treatment of dredged sediment.
  • The centre also has a facility for high-density sediment circulation, that's to say, without adding water, and with all the associated technological choices for screening, pumping, additive mixture, and maintenance operations.

Discover the various key steps in the SEDISOL centre's operations. Are you a harbour, waterway, or lake manager? Do you have to deal with the on-land management of the sediment that is generated by dredging or cleaning operations? Are you looking for affordable, technically reliable, and environmentally sound solutions for this? Today, after years of major research and development efforts, SEDISOL offers a range of innovative, sustainable, and appropriate solutions for regrouping, treating, and recycling dredged sediment.

Sedisol in a few figures:

  • An authorised capacity of 235,000 m3/yr.
  • A buffer storage capacity of 6,000 m3
  • A 4-ha complex at the heart of the Walloon and European inland waterways network that is accessible from the Sambre via an unloading dock.

Centre Sedisol vue arérienne

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