Environmental contribution

SEDISOL is a sediment treatment and recycling centre that participates in sustainable development.

SEDISOL, sustainable solutions ahoy!

SEDISOL helps to ensure the continued use of inland waterways and maritime shipping routes. Waterways offer a safer and greener way to carry freight and goods than air and land transport and helps relieve saturation of these modes of transport to boot.

Ensuring the continuation of river traffic and reclaiming dredged sediment, reducing the amounts that are landfilled, etc.: All these are part of SEDISOL's environmental action!

Relying on river or maritime transport is unanimously recognised as an essential vector of sustainable development. These means of transport have undeniable advantages:

  • lower energy consumption,
  • limited pollution,
  • minimal C02 emissions,
  • relieving saturated traffic infrastructure,
  • safety, and
  • financial savings.

Inland waterways are thus true motorways for freight traffic.
The completion of this unique industrial project opens new prospects for stepped-up reliance on maritime and river transport, with all the positive effects that this has for sustainable development.